Kinect is a gaming peripheral for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It allows for audio and video input to let the player be the controller.

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How could I fix that code trouble? C00000C2?

My kinect doesn't recognize me. What could I do? My Xbox it's most recent version.

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You could see this .

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I did what you suggest before I post this message.

There is a problem in the RGB camera, I think it is broken.

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Hmm, I recommend baking your Camera. I mean for real. I don't really know if this will repair your problem,


Are you using Kinect with Xbox or just hacking it ?

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So, I tried that solution, but I had bad results. I used a much high temperature, and, the camera baked too much. So, now I think I'll need to buy a new kinect.

I'm using kinect with Xbox.

Do you know if can I buy only the camera?

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