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Logic Board or Magsafe Board failure?

I recently found my old black macbook. It has a cracked screen and before it was put storage, it could boot and run off an external monitor.

The macbook was put away because it refused to boot up. No signs of life, no white lights, grey screen or chimes. I don't have a battery at the moment as it expanded. I ordered a new battery is on the way. When I plug in a magsafe, without the battery, the lights goes amber and turns to green. So I don't think its the Magsafe board.(not 100%)

Having no signs of life I think it is the logic board.

I bought my macbook second hand, it has a Black Santa Rose case, but internally it runs an 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo 2006 board. The case has three cables for the airport, but only two were connected. It also currently isn't a energy star board, and a 3-wall connector board.

I'm planning to revive the black macbook, and upgrade to the 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo board.

Any ideas on what is actually not functional? Everything looks fine internally. So I'm thinking its the logic board.....

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So to sum up. It had a cracked screen (somehow) it used to work, but then stopped booting.

Sharing how/why the screen was broken may give us a clue as to why it worked for a while connected to an external monitor but then stopped.

Since you intend to replace the logic board it's really of little value for us to guess what your old problem was (I lean toward the originating event that destroyed your display).

The airport card most likely was not the original… I can not feature why a three antenna system wouldn't have all been connected other than the wireless card was replaced at the same time the logic board was. BTW I think all the black 2006 MacBooks were originally 2.0GHz machines so the board you have in it now was a replacement and that's most likely why you have the wrong Airport card.

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MacBook Core 2 Duo Santa Rosa/Penryn 802.11n Airport Extreme Card 이미지


MacBook Core 2 Duo Santa Rosa/Penryn 802.11n Airport Extreme Card


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Long story short, the display was destroyed when a friend of mine accidentally shot my display with an airsoft rifle, thinking the safety was on and it was unloaded.

If i do get a new logic board, I'll probably upgrade the airport card as well.

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