HP Pavilion 700 desktop computer.

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transfer data from dead HP hard drive?

My HP has died, mother board I think. I want to recover data from the hard drive (HD) on the old PC and transfer my data to a new PC. With my old PC dead, how can I move the information from the old PC to the new PC? Is there a way to use the pwr supply and the HD alone from the old unit and cable up to the new unit? Or even to a memory media stick?

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No but you can take the drive out and put it into an external case. Once you recover your data you can reformat the drive and use it as backup storage.

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Thank you, but I need more information! Is there a guide or some details about how to go about putting the drive in another case? How about how to hook the old drive to the new computer? I am a competent builder, but I need some direction on the details.

Thanks for a good answer!

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Yes you get that when you buy the case. The case will come with a cable OR tell you what cable (most likely a USB) you need to buy. You can also ask the people at the store that sell you the case. If you can unplug a lamp you can swap a drive (it's no more complicated that that)… However you should have and read or go to your computer support pages and download a user manual for swapping/adding/ a drive - that will tell you what tools you need (probably a screw driver) and how to open the case (many have hidden latches.

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