Why does my iMac ask for me to restart?

When I power up the Apple logo and white screen will appear and then all of a sudden it will ask for me to restart. When I do restart it it will continuely ask me the same thing. Diagnose Led #1, #2 and #3 are all lit up when I powered it back up with the back of the unit removed. But Led #4 is not lit up at all. What could be the cause? Any help is definitely aprreciated.

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It sounds like your HD has a problem. Do you still have your recovery CD/DVD that came with your system? If you do try starting up with the CD/DVD. If you can find the disks do you have an external FireWire HD that is running the correct version of OS for your system OS-9? Try booting up with that.

Once you can get the system to boot up under a different drive (Optical or External HD) you'll need to run Apples Disk Utility to see what it tells you. But before you do that make sure you have copies off any important files as you may end up having to redo the drive to fix it.

Often when a drive gets to this point the disk drive is on its last legs. Consider replacing it or given the age of your system think about getting a newer system (new or used).

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