Model No. A1366 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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Why is my iPod nano 6th generation not turning on?

even if I charge it or hold the power button for three seconds it wont turn on

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Connect it to iTunes and see if it shows up. If it does, the display needs to be replaced. If it doesn't, it's a logic board issue. Also, for future reference, do not create multiple questions for one problem.

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turns on with cracked screen but does not show up in iTunes.

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Took my apart everything worked perfect but the on/off button so I fixed that and put it back w/ extreme caution but the screen turn all white w/ noting on it.

It does connect to I Tunes deletes and add song, plays from it but when I disconnect white screen only and it also does it when I plug the earphone jack aging white screen only

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Try seeing if you need to replace the on/off/volume buttons. there is a little spring right under the power button, causing the button to not come back up. Also, if you plug it in with a USB-iPod cable, it should turn on and operate normally until the backlight automatically times out(display dims to conserve energy). This means you need to replace your power/volume buttons (they all come in on part.). Thanks!

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