Have desktop want to convert to wireless if pos to wireless printer?

My mac desktop is not recognizing the wireless canon printer I just bought. Is there a way that I can convert my desktop mac g5 10.4.11 to be wireless so that I can print to the wireless printer? Printer does not recognize the desktop because it is not a wireless desktop. Can I get usb plug in to make it a wireless? Can I download a wireless driver/card to the desktop and it will make it wireless? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. Please send me your suggestions and answers to huanihu@gmail.com to my email.

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If your computer did not come with a wireless card you must install one. Wireless is hardware (and software to make the hardware function). If you can no longer locate a carrier & card for your iMac you could use a USB wireless Dongle.

HOWEVER if the wireless printer is on the network, and you have the drivers for that printer (unless they do not go back to 10.4 (we are at 10.9 now-that's 5 generations)) your computer should "see the printer" not vice versa.

You set your computer up to use a printer, not a printer up to use a computer.

You may need to seek local professional assistance to figure out your solution.

Good Luck,

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