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How do I fix my broken audio out port?

Or at least I think it is broken.

For the past couple of days, I haven't been able to produce sound from my computer's audio out port. At first, I thought it might have been my keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013), but I tested it w/o all the wires connected, and nothing. The only sound that does come out of my headphones (and it comes out of any type. I've tried some cheap earbuds, iPhone headphones, and a Turtle Beach (X12) headset.) is a crackling noise. (The noise crackles to what sounds like 3-5 steps, which is odd, but it's all it does which is why it is hard to explain.) It only happens when I have something with audio playing.

The audio port (and my headphones) worked perfectly until the other day.

Any suggestions of how to go through with this?

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Did you perhaps knock or hit the autio jack when it was plugged in, or plug it in too hard? It sounds like it may be a hardware issue, Is it loose or wiggle at all when anything is plugged in? If you are up to it, you could visually inspect it inside your tower, and see if (1) it may be that your sound card is somehow not fully connected, (2) Card may be bad, (3) somehow just knocked loose the audio jack. It can be a software problem as well, and I would see if this link would help, it details some common speaker troubleshooting tips.

If you could provide some more info on how it happened, or anything that you did just before it stopped working, would be a big help. Thanks =)

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That's the problem, I don't know how it happened..

The last thing I was doing (I Think) was editing some video footage on some software i downloaded (or windows movie maker) and i played the video and it just happened, never worked from there.

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That's the problem, I don't know how it happened

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