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Occasional banging during final spin on Frigidaire Gallery Washer?

I have a Frigidaire Gallery Front Load Washer. This doesn't sound like a bearing to me, because it has happened twice in the past month, not every wash load: the final spin sounds almost like a jackhammer but the washing machine cabinet doesn't have any noticeable shaking. If I stop the machine, the door won't open. It must finish the cycle, by me manually starting and stopping it when the noise starts, then starting again until if finally finishes. Then the door opens. If I push on the inside of the drum, there is a lot more give in the top back part than in other parts of the drum. The wash loads it has happened on are pretty innocuous: socks, tshirts, etc., not large loads. The unit is supposed to be self-balancing, and it does this by slowing the spin until the centrifugal force reduces enough for items to drop from the top and rearrange the weight, so I don't think it's the balance.

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You could have a broken arm on the spinner support on the back side of the spin basket. To verify this failure, open the washer door and push up on the very front edge of the spin basket inside the washer tub. If you detect a large amount of play, this would verify that this is the failure causing your banging noise. If you do not detect excessive play on the first attempt, turn the spin basket about 1/3 of the way around and repeat the test. Continue to repeat the test at various locations in the spin basket. If you find a location that allows an unusual amount of play, then it is likely that one of the arms on the spinner support is broken.

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I have found that sometimes a very unbalanced load can shake the drum-dampeners out.

I speak of some metal tabs being held between two rubber pads. hard to explain w/o pictures.

Open the back, have a look - if you are technically experienced, you should see if there is something wrong on this front.

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