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Apple의 iBook 노트북 라인은 소비자 및 교육 시장을 겨냥한 제품이었습니다. iBook 라인은 iBook G3 Clamshell, G3 12", G3 14", G4 12", 그리고 G4 14"로 구성되어 있습니다.

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Why does my iBook randomly freeze?

I have an iBook G3, it boots up fine but everytime i use it now after about 5 mins it just freezes. It does it in all apps, makes no difference what program I am in.

It is not the HD I swapped it out and it made no difference.

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Hi! Sorry to hear about the freezing. To test it, I'd remove extended RAM, battery, and Airport, and then reset the PRAM and PMU, and see if it stops freezing. If it does, I'd add back the components one at a time, testing at each step, to see if one of them is the cause.

I've had cases where loose screws rolling around inside the case occasionally land in the wrong place and zap the board, freezing the machine...I don't know if that's a possibility.

One thing worth trying with G3s is to test for the video chip issue. With the computer on, use your left hand like a clamp and press from top and bottom just to the left of the trackpad, fairly firmly but not too hard. If this causes the computer to freeze, or creates artifacts on the screen, you have the G3 video chip issue, which generally causes the screen to go blank now and then, but which also manifests itself in other ways, such as freezing. If that is the case, there's not much that can be done besides putting a shimm inside the machine to press against the video chip and hold it together, or get it re-soldered, and unfortunately neither solution usually ends up lasting long, so the video issue on a G3 generally means it's time for a new laptop unless you're willing to put up with temperamental behavior.

Good luck!

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thanks for the advice how do i reset the pram and the pmu

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To reset the PMU, connect the laptop to AC while off, and hold down the power button until you see the sleep light flashing, and hear a tone. To reset PRAM, power on and IMMEDIATELY hold down option-apple-p-r, and do not release until you hear a second chime, i.e. the first chime and then 15 seconds later a second chime. The screen should stay black during this process and until you release the keys. Good luck!

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Been reading a different thread on here which might suggest it is the processor overheating, in fairness I dont recall the fan coming on , could this be a plausable solution? If so will I need a new fan?

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Right, I have installed a temperature monitor app on the iBook and the fan does come on, however the iBook is getting up to 50ºc is this normal, does anyone one know the operating temperatures of an iBook 12inch g3?

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