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Sound not working, no device found. Repair?

I've got a MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012.

The sound started to crackle in and out, then stopped working altogether. I've done the PRAM reset, etc, but no luck.

I've seen some things about replacing the sound card flex cable, but I've had trouble finding anything that's compatible with this particular model. Could use all the help I can get. Thanks!

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Do you hear anything plugging in a set of headphones?

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I get nothing from the headphones.

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At this point I think you'll need to take a good look at the main logic board for corrosion damage.

Disconnect the battery and if needed remove the logic board fully as there is more circuitry on the other side. Don't forget to practice good ESD protection as static can kill your exposed board.

Use a solution of distilled water and baking soda (10 to 1). Let the solution settle or filter it though a coffee filter cone as you don't want the solids. Using cotton swabs (Q-Tips) wipe the areas down and if its stubborn use a toothbrush to scrub lightly (you don't want to pop off any small components brushing to hard). Once you clean off the areas go over the spots again this time with straight distilled water. Then again with good quality of Isopropyl alcohol (85% or better). The distilled water don't have anything in it so it will dry cleanly Vs tap or spring water. The Isopropyl alcohol is to act as a dryer pulling out any remaining water thats under the components. In any case you still want to let the circuit board dry fully for a good day. I like putting in on a sunny window sill so the sun warms it slightly.

Focus on the area nearest the jack connector.

If this doesn't work then I think you'll need to replace the logic board, or get a USB DAC to power a set of external speakers. - Sorry

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With no device found error I'm thinking the sound card (i believe it's part of the DC-in board on this model) is bad.

A workround: use a USB audio dongle USB audio is separate from analogue audio… the adapter would have a built in mic and line/headphone audio out jack.

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Is that something that's replaceable? Can't find any parts or anything for this particular model.

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Yes you can replace that pMacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 I/O Board Replacement|DC-in board]. The headphone jack is part of the assembly… I'm not certain the sound card is though.

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Do you use the headphone jack often? If not then your DAC is having problems which is part of the main logic board. Did you get your system wet or bang it?

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I do use the headphone jack pretty regularly. The MBA hasn't had any spills or anything major, but it has been in some pretty humid places with my work. I'm hoping its not that. I'd rather not have to replace a logic board. Is there any way to check other than replacing the DC-In stuff and hoping that fixes it?

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high humidity environments will cause corrosion… even trigger the LSI's.

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