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Where are the RAM cards located on a Asus X750JA-DB71 laptop?

Hi, I have some experience installing new memory into laptops normally because it's so easy to access. But on the ASUS models (mine is x750-db71) I couldn't find exactly where the RAM was. After I removed the keyboard there are all the components covered by a silver cover on the board and I think the RAM is underneath but I just reassembled my laptop before I broke anything.

I haven't been able to find any tear downs or anything about installing new memory on this model, note ven on youtube. Help?

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look at the pictures here for orientation:

As I see the slots are on the down side, near to the HDD connector (not under the KB).


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Thanks! That helps alot, i've been looking everywhere for some kind of teardown or guide to upgrade the memory. I really don't want to break anything because I took it apart out of order or something.

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The ram for that model is hidden at the back of teh mother board. You would pretty much have to take out teh mother board in order to find the two ddr3 modules at the back.

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