HP's 7" tablet released in April 2013 with a few upgrades over the first iterations. Repair for this device is similar to that of other Android tablets, requiring only screwdrivers and a prying tool. Available as 8 or 16 GB / Red or Silver.

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How can I replace my HP Slate speakers?

I damage the speakers in my HP Slate and tried replacing them on my own but got stuck. I've gotten to the point in the disassembly where both speakers are unscrewed from the inside and are next to the charging port, but I can't seem to take them out. Am I missing something or are the speakers just stuck to the body of the tablet? I want to be careful not to break the charging port when I take them out. Or do I have to remove the charging port first? And if so, how?

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To ensure there is no damage caused to the motherboard, remove that before any further action. Once that is done, lift up the charging port to remove the left speaker (looking at the tablet from the back).

In order to remove the right-side speaker, remove the volume rocker, carefully lift up the surrounding metal back off the device, lift the silver tape from the charging port to remove the second screw, and then remove the charging port. This will give you access to the second speaker. If you have any confusion about this process, the images in the HP Slate 7 speaker repair guide can assist you further.

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Just make sure you lift the battery out and the charge port assembly. The speakers will lift out easily while you are doing this.

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