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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Why does my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 keep shutting off?

My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 keeps shutting itself off. I have no idea why it does this, but it's starting to annoy me. I can be halfway through a game when it does this.

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I know right, it's sooo annoying when it does that. Mine goes off when it has about 26% battery and after the first time it goes off, it just keeps on turning off! its just really annoying.

What do I do to fix it

My tab turns off whenever... this is my 2nd time trying yo write this.

My Samsung galaxy tab 3 charges badly and keeps turning off and not coming back on for around a 2 month gap. It doesn't even turn on when I charge it. What is wrong with it?

My Samsung Galaxy S4 turns off when upside down. I flip it upside down to watch movies or play games in bed so charging cord is not destroyed. (WHY ITS IN MIDDLE AT BOTTOM OF TABLET I DONT KNOW.... DESIGNERS).

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The most likely culprit is the battery connection inside the device. I can only assume that the power interruptions happen while you are holding, setting down, or picking the Tab up. My Tab 3 10.1 would turn off and back on while I was playing a fighter pilot game; so I was moving and tilting it constantly. I thought it was the game until it did the same thing while watching a video, after just setting it down. It is just a momentary loss of connection. What you will need to do is take the tablet apart (carefully) and secure the battery to device connection. Most people just put a piece of tape over it, or criss-cross two band-aids over the clasp. I think it's pretty sorry that Samsung didn't do anything about this problem in the Tab 3, when the Tab 2 had the EXACT same problem.

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This was really help full am haveing the same problem 3 months now. I did a factory reset and still same problem so I just did what u suggested I tuck a piece of electrical tape and put it on the clasp. Lets see if this works (fingures crossed)

My screen flashes black several times and my device instantly shuts off randomly unless I have it connected and I don't want to have carry my tablet with a charger

Mine does that since the latest update. Really irritating!

Mine does that too all f sudden what should I do I really like it too lol.

Can you tell me where the battery is on the tab? Mine has a cover that doesnt seem to come off so only half of the back is availqble to me.

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Same problem like a lot of people, samsung asked me to pay 160 euros to replace batery....but its quiet new..... shame on you samsung... you should response for your fabric falls.


I fix it !,,,

.. so i opend the plastic back of the tablet and changed the protecting tape on the batery contacts. I put 3m Electric tape! It had not switched off 4 days now. Hope this helps some of you

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How do you open the tablet with a credit card or with anything...?

Open the back, remove the stock tape on the three contacts and replace with black electrical tape. I hear a band aid will also work, but the electrical tape is likely cheaper. I used a white plastic knife to open it. From open to close it took all of five minutes.

Here is the video.


Can you please tell me where did you put tape? all over the edges of battery?

Thank you guys! It worked for me, its been almost more than hour since I experience turbulence in my tablet. I just did the "put electrical tape" suggestion here.I fastened it surely and nicely with my yelow electrical tape but before that, I suffered from painful scraping of its back cover. Hope this would last for a long time. Love lots!

Really helpful, thanks, too bad i lost more saved files and data than the amount of times humans get attacked by sharks a year. This shutting off problem happened after my tablet landed face first into the SAMSUNG facility floor tiles. I feel like SAMSUNG ignores to connect their wiring properly.

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Hello Lynne,

It sounds like your battery could be going out, if you have had it for about a year and a half or so this would be right on schedule for it crap out.

However before going about replacing the battery I would back up all your information to your sd card. I use mybackup free should work for your case or upgrade to pro to access the info from other devices or use cloud storage. Then go into settings and find the reset tab and factory reset your device then load your back up and see if that helps! If it doesn't I can help you further with the battery replacement!

Hope this helps!

:if you find this helpful please vote up the answer to aide to my rep, I will do the same!

Thanks Lynne!

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Hi I have done the factory reset but still getting this problem. Can u advise how to replace the battery?

I replaced the battery on my samsung galaxy 2 notebook and now ut turns on but the screen is black. I boughr the samsung galaxy 43 tablet and now facebook keeps shutting down! Can't rwad any pist or write any. It just keeps shutting down!

Dear friend who says facebook keeps shutting down.....look for early versions of face book and try them one by one until u find one does not shut down...it realy worked for me, and lukily the last face book update works well in my device

Ive only had my samsung since Christmas day and it now 4th jan so cant be the battery but does the same although something I have literally just noticed whilst typing this is it hasnt turned off seems to be if I turn it to like tv screen, this hasnt switched off so gotta be something to do with rotating it

Mine has done it since the latest update. Getting fed up of it now. Just 'blinks' at you and randomly turns off.

going to get a ipad4 soon i think

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Option 01

Connect tab to Samsung kies and try to update firmware

More info,


if your system running with latest base-band

Option 2

  • Connect your device to your computer. Open the Samsung Kies software on your computer and click on the Backup/Restore tab.
  • The backup process will begin backing up your personal data.
  • Once it’s finished, click the Complete button.
  • On your Samsung device, go to Apps, then Settings, then tap Backup and Reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset and follow the prompts.
  • After the reset, open Samsung Kies and click on Backup/Restore.
  • Click the Restore button and select which files you would like restored to your device.

Click Complete when you’re done.

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Annoying galaxy3 tab!!!

Doc Brown, What did you mean?

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I had the same problem with samsung tab 4 10.1 it kept turning off and on was driving me crazy sent it back I bought a new Samsung with the money it done the same turning off and on then I realised it was the magnetic case cover that was causing it lol

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It isn't the battery, it isn't software. it is a connection inside. 4 minute fix.

Open the back, remove the stock tape on the three contacts and replace with black electrical tape. I hear a band aid will also work, but the electrical tape is likely cheaper. I used a white plastic knife to open it. From open to close it took all of five minutes. Here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L0ihzx3...

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Please can you show the video again how to open the tab and stick the tape

video unavailable

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I found the magnetic book design cases for the tablet caused the tablet to go into lock the screen mode when I bent the case behind the back, it happen every time when I took case off I had no more issues I hope this helps anyone with this same troubles I know as how frustrating it becomes after awhile not knowing what's going on

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One more suggestion that has solved my problem. The newer devices have a way to automatically turn on or off the device using a magnet embedded in the cover/case. If you are using a cover that does this, the magnet may be causing this. I decided that the auto on/off wasn't that necessary and I cut the little magnet out and the problem went away. The magnet on my device was in the cover that covered the upper left quadrant of the screen.

Update (11/02/2015)

If anyone has one of the Tablets that turns on or off automatically when you open a cover case, a tiny magnet is hidden in the cover that triggers a sensor in the upper left quarter of the screen. There may also be tiny magnets hidden in the over that keep the cover closed. All those magnets can trigger the device to shut off. I found them all and used a razor blade to remove them and all my problems were solved.

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I had the same problem with my Tab 4 turning off periodically (I mean a lot). I finally realized that it was the case I had my Tab 4 in. There are sensors along the top and bottom of the Tab 4 (and you can't see them) but when I changed the case it works great. Took me almost 2 months to figure this out.

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I had the same problem. Samsung wants $150 to replace the battery (out of warranty) and it was obviuosly a power issue, I replaced the micro USB cable on the charger and VOILA all is well. I guess over time the cord got kinked or bent one too many times and the battery wasn't getting a full charge.

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And look at this poor lady they want a 150$. To change the dam battery we should not half to pay for nothing at all so basically they stealing our money. And that's foul I'll let everyone know so when I go to buy my battery and it don't work.I'm going to raise a lot of !&&* not playing at all....

I feel your pain but that's life. I'm going to bring mine back as well because it hasn't been 14 days yet.

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hi: Lynne

go to setting : then go to display : go to time out : press the 30 min button

hope that works


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Thanks.. mine was set at 15 seconds :( grrrr

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Like some others, I took the back off and replaced the tape holding the connecters from the battery (there are two pieces of tape, at the end of the ribbons. I was not sure which was the battery, so I found a YouTube video on how to replace the battery). So far, replacing the tape with normal black electrician's tape seems to have done the trick.

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Can you help me with YouTube video link

I just don't feel safe opening my brand new tablet when this is a defective device in the first place. Not my problem. Taking it back and getting an ipad instead.

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I have the galaxy 3 and i put a cheep charger in it and that's why it keeps turning off . Let the battery run down to 0 and get the right power cord.

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Hi Folks.I am Franco in Stockholm.

I have a galaxy tab pro 12,2 sm-t905 that love to turn off at 87% as well as 49 and so on.

It keeps rebooting all the time and as soon the screen comes on,it shuts off and reboots all the time.

So after rebooting 5-6 times I cleaned the screen from finger grease and it kept working fine until 47%,when it started to reboot again.

When it starts shutting down I attach the power cord and all is well.

THIS morning it turned off at 90% more or less so I testes by


and now the rebooting is gone .I am now down to 35% and all is well so far.

I have had this issue for a long time and also changed to new battery only som months ago without no improvement.

I hope this test is helpful to me as to you all out there.

PS: I just love my tab,so I would like to keep it for a long time.

Perfekt size for home and travel as in the car.

Best buy I made.

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