Can the fan connection touch metal elements on the logic board?

Good morning. I just finished cleaning my macbook's fan. But I didn't take the precaution of taking a picture of the fan and it's connection before I began. Therefore, now that everything is back in place I don't know where and how exactly were the 4 thin cables conecting the fan to the logic board. Can this small cables touch the metal bits on the logic board? I feel like something might melt and malfunction. Following the feel and shape of the cables I twisted them softly on themselves once to steer clear of anything around it. Is this correct?

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Running your machine without a fan is like putting your dog in a car with the windows rolled up in the middle of summer. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number, located in very fine print on the back of your machine so we can get you to the correct guide and you can fix those cables so you don't end up with an over cooked hot dog.

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The last three figures are V14. I'll be awaiting your reply. Thanks!

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Look at this.

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Thank you machead3 for you reply. I checked the suggested guide but unfortunately it didn't solve my question. Regardless of that, I reassembled my Macbook Pro so that the cables I referred to previously didn't touch anything around it. It's been working just fine for almost a month, so I'm guessing my approach was okay. Thanks a lot again!

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