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What am I doing wrong!? (Display problems)

I have been repairing phones for years, I own a cellphone store and fix multiple 5c's a day. However, it seems as though about 50% of them have display problems after i replace the lcd digitizer. At first I blamed it on bad parts or the phone being damaged beyond repair but I realize now the problem must lie with me. Over and over again im seeing blocks and weird lines run across the screen, purple fade outs, discoloration, etc. Always the lcd. If some one knows what im doing wrong please help! Thanks

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In the iPhone 5 , 5c and 5s you need to take care of the lcd connector it's not like the iPhone 4 were it can bend you have to put your finger on the metal peice at the start of the lcd cable then gently loop the cable over the finger...

I always test the screen before I start adding the camera and home button..

When you install the new screen plug in the connectors then leave it at 90degrees and turn on inspect the screen for damage or bad lcd if not then install parts and if screen goes bad after installing then you no it's you fault..

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THANK YOU SO MUCH. I followed your instructions and several that i had not functioning properly are now working. You have saved me from one of the worst problems I've had in years. You're great!!

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Glad to help just take your time installing and never rush 10 minutes longer to install a screen is better than breaking it

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