A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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green and purple screen on LCD - pictures link included

today, i saw my lg g2 screen discolored, as there is an interference of the green color and purple. when i take a screenshot of the phone, the picture shows there is nothing wrong. possible something wrong with digitizer, i don't know. it was dropped early on today, from a couch onto the carpet, not a huge drop. i checked it immediately and it was fine. hours later i saw the discoloration, and like i stated, the screenshot shows a normal screen with no discoloration (ruling out GPU problem), touch screen works, nothing is out of ordinary, except the purple and green.

Additional information: when i stop using the phone for a while, the color return to normal. after i used it for couple of minutes 5-10 minutes, the issue return and the screen gets more purple as time of use increases. performed Hard reset, reinstall ROM and kernel, issue persisted


Block Image


Block Image


Block Image


Block Image

what should i do? how to fix it? what have caused it?

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First you can try to open the phone and carefully clean the LCD connector and the Flex cable. But based on my experience, I think the problem is in the display.

Display operates on the principle of a matrix. At the edges of the display there are many lines which are commanding points on the display, line by line. If there is a slight rupture, then some of these lines do not work permanently (depending on temperature, pressure...). If you have abnormal color, this means - missing color.

Another reason can be, a shortage in power supply to the display.

A third reason, may be depressurize between the layers of the display. But then you will have a growing local spot.

This phone use IPS technology - more flexible then AMOLED which makes it more resistant to shock and pressure.

Try pressing the display (not very strong) at various locations along the edges and see if some lines will disappear.

But you can found the problem only by testing the phone with another LCD display.


P.S. My English is not very good and the problem is difficult for explanation. You can found materials for the IPS technology in the internet.

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i had the exact same problem and then turned to another mess after applying small pressure.

this video explains it better


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