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red light on when phone is turned on

My phone fell into a drink for only 2 or 3 seconds before being retrieved. I have taken the phone apart, dried it, cleaned it with a tootbrush and rubbing achohol, and replaced the battery with a samsung original replacement. The red light on the top left of the S III screen, just left of the samsung name, lights up whenever i turn on the phone and remains on as long as the phone is on? The screen will also go dark when making a call from the key pad unless i activate the speakerphone function immediately after touching the call button. Do you have any suggestions?

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It's possible that there is still liquid damage/corrosion on the screen.

The issue with the screen going dark is most likely the caused by a damaged proximity sensor.

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Took the phone to a brick and mortar repair shop (UBREAKIFIX) and their assessment is obscured proximity sensor. You appear to be right on the money. Thanks.

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