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2009년 중반기 모델 A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo 프로세서 EMC 2326

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Trackpad is not always responding to mechanic click.

So without any apparent reason my trackpad is not reacting to mechanic clicks anymore. Only when the button is pressed for a longer time it registers.Sometimes it registers a click even though none occured. All the other funtions of the trackpad are still working properly.

Tried so far:


Cleaning the trackpad and its edges with a soft cloth from the top and from the bottom after removing the battery.

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I found that the battery was swollen. I replaced the battery and it's working great!

Hi, The other alternative is to turn on "tap to click" in the trackpad preferences which gets round the problem if all other repair attempts fail.

Bizarrely, I have replaced it with a new trackpad and the problem persisted. I sceptically gave it a tentative whack (!as suggested!) and it has returned to normal functionality!! As I said, bizarre.

Nice one Pabz! Just had the same issue today after not using mine for about 6 months. Followed your advice and give a couple of good hard whacks with my knuckles and it's sorted now haha

Thanks again mate!

Ha ha. Thanks pabz and uv1977. I was on the verge of getting a new mac it was getting so bad but a couple of whacks with my knuckles and it's suddenly working as smoothly as the day that I bought it.

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Try using a single edge razor blade to go around the edges of the trackpad and see if that clears whatever is blocking the click. Ralph

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Hey Frank

thanks for replying. The mechanic/tactile feedback from the trackpad is normal, it's just the recognition of the clicks that is not working properly.

What I found out though, the button will respond if pushed hard rather than light.

The razor worked a little and made it better, but taking a balled fist and hitting the trackpad with medium force did the trick.

I have the exact same problem right now. It started yesterday. My trackpad works fine, and it registers all the movements and swipes of my hand, but only the mechanical click does not work. If i repeatedly press hard in the same place, it works. Unfortunately, I am told the problem can only be fixed with a replacement of the trackpad which is a bit expensive. However, i am waiting it out just to see if it miraculously starts working :)

Much thanks to the original poster. Eight years going strong on this 5,5.

1. Turn off Mac.

2. Clean Mac with focus to remove oils/debris on keys and trackpad. Screen too while you're at it.

3. Run a razor blade around the straights of the trackpad. Don't press too hard.

4. Wipe the trackpad again after using the blade.

5. Power on.

This problem occurred for me as a consequence of replacement of the battery and top aluminum shell (done by Apple service personnel). I shall try the recommended fixes, but there was no problem prior to taking it into Apple. Go figure.

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This video shows you where the screw to adjust the sensitivity is found. Many people in the comments mention that slamming the trackpad (not too roughly) worked for them so I tried it, and my trackpad registers clicks much better now.

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5 years into the future - and your comment was as helpful as ever. I literally almost died last week Friday when I tried doing some work at a coffee shop, the clicks would not register properly - I'm quite finicky about these sort of things and couldn't even do any work because I was so worried. Also I only had my macbook Pro for 4 months, anyway - somehow your comment encouraged me to give my trackpad a good o'l f-u punch to the gut and it works as good as new. (After frantically cleaning it with a soft cloth yielded no positive results.) Anyway, I even created a profile just to thank you. And everyone else in this thread! The Internet is such an amazing tool, saving me petrol money, a fee at an Apple store and time. Cheers! I'd buy you all a cold beer if I could haha. Peace!

Had this problem with a 2008 MacBook Aluminium Unibody. Removed the battery and turned the tri-wing screw about 1/6th of a turn clockwise.

Now the mechanical click and actual click command match up perfectly.

6 years into the future, and you just saved me buying a new trackpad in desperation. Thank you.

Adjusting the screw works very well. Best is to turn the screw very little left or right while constantly clicking the trackpad. There is a sweet spot and it gets worse if you turn it too much.

BUT: if it's bad again after assembling the Macbook, then most likely the battery causing the problem: Older batteries gets slightly thicker and thereby pressing against the trackback from behind. I had this problem on my white MacBook and on my MacBookPro. In this case you need to replace the battery.

%#*@ it. A few swift wacks and it worked. Wtf. I bought a new windows pc because I was !#^&@@ at the macbook. Couldn't bring myself to toss it. I now really like windows 10 BTW. Now my daughter has a more expensive laptop than I do.

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Well, even I am not believing it but I just slammed the %#*@ trackpad and it miraculously worked!

I'm so bummed by this it's beyond belief. I thought I'd have to replace the battery and the trackpad but now I don't have to replace neither.

Now I just have to replace the optical drive (it spits any CD/DVD I put in).

It's a 2010 MacBook.

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I hit the trackpad and it worked (seriously)

It worked for me too!! :)

i almost didn't try this because i thought it was a troll-y answer, but lo and behold, it works. i don't even have a mac, but i stumbled upon this page because it was difficult to find a discussion of my predicament (trackpad physically clicking, but only registering the action around 20-30% of the time) rather than the mouse failing, or the trackpad being completely kaput. after giving a few good, medium-hard smacks, the tracking pad is much, much better; not 100%, but about 70% of clicks being recognized. now, gaming isn't a frustrating nightmare!

This is the most ridiculous advice I have ever seen. BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Amazing. It took me an age to work out that it was the touch pad. I thought it was programmes looping. But one I got there, found this most unathodox solution and BAM => problem solved.

BECAREFUL This is not really a good answer! The premise here is the edge of the trackpad plate is stuck by something jamming it. This could be some sand, food or surgery drink that dried acting like a glue. So hitting it breaks the lock. Sadly it could also harm your system and it may not fix it for long!

The correct action here is to try cleaning the edge being careful not to flood the area as there is electrical parts and connections underneath. Using a slightly damp cotton swab (Q-Tip) with a high grade isopropyl alcohol (85% or better) try to clean the slot going over it a few times, remember we don't want the alcohol to seep-in to deep! You could also try using a dental pick to carefully running it around the edge.

Frankly, I would recommend taking the trackpad out so the case and the trackpad can be better accessed to properly clean them. Here's the IFIXIT guide you should follow: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Trackpad Replacement. Once out use some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to wipe the areas down.

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Change sensitivity in System Preferences

Also there is a known issue with crimped loose track pad cables where by design it runs over the battery. The cable is routed through the lower case over a sort of guillotine or gate - repeated pressing on the spacebar and keys can hammer the cable to the point of working lose from the connector on one end, or crimping cutting the ribbon cable.

Known fixes include:

  • smoothing the cable flat, or
  • wrapping it with a scrap paper jacket to stop bouncing and shorting.

If this answer is acceptable please return and mark it.

Good Luck,


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Thanks for replying.

I didn't plan on opening the case of the Laptop. I'm currently looking for either a simple trick to fix the problem or to fix it until I get back to my local reseller (which will be in about 2 weeks)

Thanks anyways, perhaps there is a way of fixing the issue without having to open the case for which I neither have the tools nor the technical expertise.

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Before going crazy with a non-responsive click, try to plug in an external USB mouse! If the mouse clicks then it's a mechanical issue, not a software/firmware problem.

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Wow, just tried this punching thing (in starbucks) on my 2013 retina pro and I couldn’t believe it, I even called the barista over to show her, IT WORKED.

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I smashing the trackpad with a Windows laptop, and now the trackpad is a bit loose and wiggles around, but it works better than before. Thank you so much for the advice! I take really good care of it, but perhaps some dust or crumbs got in the way of it actuating properly. I tried this after running a card into the edges of the trackpad, but this worked perfectly.

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Hi Team 2017 here and i have a 2012 macbook pro and can say that yes hitting the track pad helps. I turn it 90degrees and hit few times and do this 4 times.

All fixed, my guess is a good clean will help too.

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