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Weak signal after changing dock

Hello, i have replace my dock iphone 5s, but after boot my signal is very very weak.

But i have a little idea, i have a little metal piece, and I do not know where it goes. I think it comes from that.

Can you tell me where it goes? with a picture ?


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It is not very clear in the guide but it goes underneath the logicboard.

Block Image

it goes under the red screw on the left.

Very weak signal? did you damage the gsm antenna on the speaker? it is located on the right side it's a black sticker..

Block Image

are you sure it's connected to the logicboard?

Block Image

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Hello, thanks for your help.

In the dock it's the wifi antenna no ?

My wifi works, it's my gsm signal is not working.

I have a little bar occasionally or nothing mostly.

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Dock = gsm antenna.

Top of phone is your wifi

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That bottom picture is the gsm antenna not the wifi will is correct dock= gsm

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i had accident with normal water, iphone was turned down, after that cleaned in ultrasonic cleaning station with isopropyl.

Everything is working fine except gsm signal, but sometimes i am able to make calls, send texts etc, but sometimes not. lets say iphone has weak, strong and with no signal modes.

IMEI and ICCID working fine, so i do not expect broken MB.

I have not changed anything till now.

what to change, what to look for?

i have found somewhere that GSM antena is from 3 parts, somebody has some drawing, picture where to look for?

what to clean additionally?

it looks like i have some troubles with shielding/shadow casting, that some connector is not in touch with body or smthing?

pleas for any advice would be thankfull.

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