A series of 15" media laptops manufactured by Dell.

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Laptop makes a clink noise and is off

I have a Dell Studio 15 laptop that is about a year and a half old. The laptop occasionally just makes a noise like a clink and is off. It does not do the shut down process. When i turn it back on it says windows did not shut down correctly and whether i want it to run in safe mode. I have already tried getting dell to fix it and they said that it would be a problem with the heat-sink. They replaced it but the problem is still there. Any help at all would be great. Thanks

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What does this clink sound like?

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It sounds like a marble falling on a metal bar

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Does it power right back on after the clink? If it just shuts completely off, as in no fans, no lights, no screen, then it sounds like a power issue, although the clink noise is odd. Perhaps there is a relay fuse that is being tripped.

Does it do the clink on battery power only, plugged in only, or both?

== Update ==

It is a power issue. I just had an issue with a Dell Studio laptop (older version) and when power gets shut off to the machine the HDD makes the clink noise when it powers down suddenly. This would be a worse case scenario though because it is part of the mother board in your case that is fried. Luckily, you should still be able to access the data off the hard drive when attached to another computer via a USB hard drive tool.

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No it does not power back after the clink and there are no fans and lights. and it does it with both. Thanks for your answer

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More than likely the problem here is overheating. 'But I am not running intensive graphic processes and the like' you say. The studio is renown for having a particularly poor heat dissipation system, especially if you have an i7 or higher end graphics card.

There is no fix for this, other than Dell replacing the motherboard which does not fix the problem, only makes it slightly better until the overheating process begins again and you need to get another motherboard.

Too much power within a poorly designed case.

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Sounds also a bit like a hard drive problem. The clink might be the hard drive stopping unexpectedly, maybe due to a connection problem with the drive to the motherboard.

If I disconnect the power to one of the drives in my desktop it makes kind of a clink-ish sound. That's all I can think of.

You might want to try re-seating the hard drive, or try one from another laptop if you have one, just to see if that is the problem.

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It does sound like a power issue. I would try replacing the easiest thing first, which is the power button board that sits just behind the power button. Sellers on ebay sell them for under $10.00. They are not terribly hard to install. Remove the battery and unplug the power. Undo the screws from the bottom of the laptop. You just have to remove the palm rest, the speaker/keyboard bezel, the keyboard, and the screen bezel. Loosen up the right side hinge and you will see it. One screw and a tab hold it in place. The wires are extremely fragile and break away from the power button board really easily. Bless Dell's pea-pickin' heart. They designed the power button to be right where the hinge is, where the wire gets the most movement.

When you replace it, you want to make sure that the wire is taught from the connector end and has lots of slack at the hinge end.

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