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Samsung의 2세대 스마트워치는 2014년 4월에 출시되었으며 Tizen 기반 OS로 작동합니다. 모델 번호:SM-R380.

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gear 2 terminals charg damaged

My gear 2 had damaged terminals ( charging pins located in gear s2 back .)

So I can not charge it.

Please is that terminals is replaceable.

And where I can fix it.

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I have photo for my gear 2 pins

Same thing happened to me. I would love a remedy as well.

i sent my gear2 to Samsung support in USA Texas from 5/9/2014 they told me today 20/9/2014 that they well fix it after another week !

Finally>>>> Samsung replaced my gear 2 with new one without replacing the strap ok good

hop the new one do not fall in the same problem! good luck for Brian Denninger

I had mine do that and I got my watch replaced with another exactly like it from the store I bought it from and now almost 3 months later it's done it again. I don't know if it is because the band has it tight against my skin and therefor causes sweat because there is a sore like on my wrist from the watch about where on the watch is the messed up cells that look corroded.

It's pretty messed up needing the thing replaced every 3 months or so. I hope there is some way of fixing it permanently.

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Same thing happened to me. It's clearly a defect in manufacturing as I did not abuse the watch at all and the pins are only ever touching your wrist or the charger.

The Samsung repair centre said it was physical damage and not covered under warranty. They told me to pay$250 to get a new watch. Samsung said they cannot override the repair centre. I am totally frustrated with such an obvious defect in manufacturing!

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it is totally Manufacturing defect and Samsung should be required repairs or change ???!!!!!

I had the same problem with one pin damaged. They said corrosion. I was crook for months and hardly wore the watch. Went to consumer affairs but Samsung wouldn't back down. Pretty dark on Samsung over this

I have a Gear II. You are suppose to have 5 of the gold metal contacts on the back of your watch, and 5 pins on the charger. My watch only has 4 gold metal contacts. It won't charge anymore. I was having a difficult time charging it the last 3 or 4 times. and now it's dead and useless. I wonder if there is a recall for the poorly designed charging system they have for the Gear II? I'm going back to Best Buy tomorrow. They know us by name, we are golden customers to them. I'm sure they will take care of me. This is frustrating. I'm lost without it. I cannot miss doctor calls, etc. WHY WOULD THEY DESIGN THIS WATCH SO THAT THE CHARGING PINS ARE CONSTANTLY AGAINST YOUR SKIN? OH, I GET IT, SO IT BREAKS AND YOU BUY A NEW ONE? THIS SHOULD BE A TOTAL RECALL!

I'm in Cincinnati I bought my gear 2 from the HH Gregg in western hills and its in mint condition except for the Pens not a scratch on it i have worn with a homemade glass protector and everything this did not pay off for me I might have to back off Samsung a little bit I got too many of their products there dominate my household. are not fixing things the back of my gear this makes it a 300$ paper weight what can I do iam not buying another one or anything else Samsung if my watches isn't fixed.

See my Post FredrickGee gear 2 terminals charg damaged. The Part is about 8 euros plus shipping. Easy to install.

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I have contacted Samsung Canada, and tried to contact Samsung in Korea (no luck). So now I am trying to build my own. When I am done, I will post the directions.


So finally after several attempts I now have a working home made replacement part. I started by removing the defective part from the watch back. I broke it open to see if there was anything inside as can be seen from this photo

Block Image

Heading text

I then took a piece of printed circuit board and cut it to the appropriate width, then removed the copper from both sides to provide a conductive free board.

Block Image

I did try etching my own board, but in the process of getting traces from one side of the board to the other, I found it easier to use this described method....

I used a sticky foil

Block Image

that can be purchased from a crafts store. I then wrapped it around the board that was cut to size.

Block Image

. Using a razor knife I cut the foil to remove parts leaving "traces" where I wanted the contacts to be.

Follow the "wiring" diagram here:

Block Image

Keep in mind that it is essential for the foil to line up perfectly on all five contacts for both sides of the board. It took me many tries to get it right, but finally it have it.

Block Image

As you can see, it is now charging.

Block Image

When building this part, be very patient as it took me about twenty tries to get the spacings, and distances correct so all ten contacts lined up.

I hope this is helpful

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Please let us know. Thanks

great work indeed .

what about Samsung is they happy to let customers fix there mistakes :( :( :(

After finishing this project last night, while laying in bed, I had an idea. Perhaps instead of the foil why not use conductive paint dispensed from a conductive pen? I am going to order one in and give it a try. If it works, it would be much easier and I could have a few spares on hand.


Perhaps this conductive paint could be applied on top of the eroded terminals to "revive" it back to working condition? Something to try. I cannot as I purposely destroyed my contact strip to build a replacement one.

Update. I purchased the silver pen today and over the coming days I will attempt to build this part again using the pen. Stand by for my next update.

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Block Image

Block Image


Dear Mr larden your idea about using Circuit Works® Conductive Pen Dispenser for Drawing Conductive Traces, Jumpers and Shielding, 9 grams

is great but need test >

thanks for your help

please let us to know if you tried it>

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Same thing happened to me

Go to this ebay page and you can buy the board for cheephttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-OEM-Cha...

Need to repair my smart watch can you place the order of charging slot and battery

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In Europe got mines here http://rounded.com/samsung-galaxy-gear-2... rarer than hens teeth though found about 3 suppliers other 2 were waiting stock.

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I cant help but laugh that just after fixing my watch with a home made part, this part is now available. Thank you so much for finding it. I think I am going to order a couple of them.

What website has the part I needed please

We have the parts for sale, original samsung parts, if you need, please feel free to contact us at skyson101@gmail.com

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I got a replacement board from Stellatech in Europe. Part link. It cost 7 Euro's plus postage and VAT.

I have just replaced the small board in the watch and its happily charging. Once I had taken the case apart (Thanks iFixit! teardown link ), I used a small spudger to pries the board of the base. See here for an image of where to prise from

Its glued in (I assume to keep it water tight) and take a bit of effort to remove. Pulling by the little Tab actually separated the board from its backing! I used a thin layer of contact cement on the base.

Lets see how it goes.

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BTW - Has been perfectly fine ever since. V Happy with Stellatech!

I ordered in two of these parts. They arrived and my watch is working great. Thank you for finding and posting this info. I looked all over the internet and never found it.

Just ordered 2 of these parts and waiting for them. After i'll tell you if my problem will be solved, but i think so. Thanks a lot John

Ordered this part from ebay and waiting for delivery. I will replace the pcb by myself. However which glue should be used for making it water proof? Thanks for the guidance john. My gear 2 is remaining dead for quite a long.

Patrick - I just used some contact cement that I had for another project. Any good silicon based glue would do,

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I, too, had only 4 contacts... I went on ebay and found the terminals.. they were $6. took only a week from China.

I just changed it .. 4 screws on the back. popped out the current damaged contacts.. put the new one in.. replaced the 4 screws.. plugged it in and it worked.. it is charging now.. took 20 minutes.. Just need to have a screwdriver small enough.. I had bought a small kit in Micro center..

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Hi Paul. Great job! Better Price. I couldn't find on e-Bay. Can you post the Product link? Thanks!

Thanks I am having same problem and just went to ebay and order the part you suggested. Hope it is as easy to replace as it sounds.

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Block Image

Hello everyone. It was very interested. I have a samsung gear 2, but have a problem charger. I buy new 250 dollar watch beautiful, but it sucks .... before buy after 4 weeks, we damage. Then I go in knowing that, I have warranty, but rejects to warranty. then just pay for 455 Dollar ... It's gone crazy .. It's innocence, as that may be wrong. But I never did the water that I know because of wet body to do evil. Not like me ... What SAMSUNG registration ?????? But one need only small things. But very difficult to get one veci..I send the image here: Here picture

If you already see it? What about?? Maybe you know how give me...

Who knows maybe one small matter.

Thank you and BEST Regards

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Hi Damy, if you still have that broken board, try my idea about the silver pen (see my post). If you would like, you can send me the board and I can attempt to fix it and post the results then mail it back to you.


Hi Michael, I see it good, but here dont have sale EU "europe" it is made in USA. :( i want is buy, but how.. i am here from SLOVAKIA. if you can help for me How?.... Sorry, i am basic wrote english. but i am DEAF. thank you for you help me.. best regards..

Dear Damy

We have this parts in stock, and if you need the Samsung gear charging pins board,feel free to contact us at skyson101@gmail.com

I purchased a Samsung Smart Watch S3 from Ebay, and when I turn it on I noticed a 3-4mm watermark like mark in the watch face.

What could it be? The mark is behind or under the watch face glass.

I can provide photo if require.

Hi watson, Cant you report to the seller? Maybe they can replace new watch or refund. Don't wait. Hurry. Contact the seller you brought. Good luck.

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had one contact come off of the charging contacts

samsung reps at best buy only wanted to sell up grades and oh you should buy expensive insurance to guard against defects

went online and obtained a replacment part for $13.99 including shipping

was about as hard as a battery change remove the band remove 4 case screws

carefully snap open the back gently push out the old part set in the new and close up the case

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