Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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My screen went black

I bought a clamshell 300MHZ. The man I bought it from put 60GB hard Drive and 320MB Memory RAM,

with this specs, install on it OSX TIGER 10.4.11. Once I got it Started it up and all went well for about an hour. Then the screen went black and I cant get it to start up again.

Any Suggestions would be most appreciated I was going to use it for my Grooming business.

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Ok I tried the command p-r-power start without the battery. It tried to start but didn't give me anymore than a small swirl sound then no more.

I am looking for the Panther 10.3 but unsure where to find it. going to look on e-bay.

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According to Mactracker your computer will only go to OSX Panther 10.3.

I suspect your use of 10.4 may be the cause of your difficulty. If possible try booting with a system disk for 10.3 and if it goes well you may want to install 10.3. Good luck. Ralph

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+ requires System 8.6 or later, 10.3.x officially supported, 10.4.x can generally be installed using XpostFacto 4

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If you do not have firewire

(1999) you could meet Processor, RAM, and HD Specs but still fail system requirements.

Take out the battery and unplug it. Do a command-p-r-power start and boot holding shift key down.

If it boots immediately go to the energy saver and set it not to go to sleep or put the display to sleep.

I think it's a "wake from sleep issue"...though IMnsHO actuality you'd be better off running only 10.3 (you're asking an awful lot of your old hardware running 10.4)

If this answer is acceptable please return and mark it.

Good Luck


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Its the onboard ram. When you turn the Ibook on press the reset button and then the laptop will restart. If the laptop just turns off then turn it back on again. this should solve you situation.

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