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Power supply mod. to upgrade keyboard to 2011 model with backlight?

Hi, i found this thread "upgrade keyboard to 2011 model with backlight?" and would do the same. I have a MacBook AIR 13" Late 2010 (A1369) with a broken keyboard an have to exchange the keyboard. So why not to upgrade to a MacBook AIR 13" Late 2011 (A1369) keyboard version which has backlight !? The only question i have in addition to the thread that has already answered is: How do i have to mod. the logic board or where to get the power for the backlight keyboard from?

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The needed circuitry to control the keyboard backlight is not present on the MacBook air's logic board.

So all you can do is wire it to the hot side of the power bus so the LEDs will be on full brightness and will always be on. While its nice to have the keyboard back lit I don't think you would want to do this as you'll kill your battery life.

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