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Does Mac mini support SATA port multipliers?


I was wondering if it's possible to connect 4 hard drives through a SATA port multiplier plugged to the SATA port instead of the superdrive...

Does anyone know if there is an intel mac mini that supports this technology? (I looked for the developer notes, but the most recent I found was of the G4 mac mini...)

I asked this question also on apple support forum, but had no reply...

The space in the case is not a problem because i was thinking about putting the mac mini components into another (DIY) case in which i can also insert 5 Hard Drives (one for the system and four on raid 5 for datas)...

Thank you in advance


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댓글: a great question. I would be very interested as well if someone had an answer!

If you decided to bite the bullet and try it for yourself, please post the results!

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I asked at genius bar and they said me that mac mini is based on nvidia 9400m-g i think i will try to ask directly to nvidia...

Will make you know.



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Ok guys, I found this and this

This guy got a RAID setup of 4 HDs running through a port multiplier on a 1.83 GHz mini...

Now, the problem is to understand if also newest mac minis support PMs, and if mac mini's PSU can hook up also other four Hard Drives...

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While not a direct answer to your question, this Tom's Hardware article has a lot of pertinent information.


"If your SATA controller does not recognize PMs, it will run all attached hard drives as if they each were attached to a separate SATA port."

"Port multipliers can be used to run up to 15 SATA drives via a single SATA connection. Hardly anyone would operate so many drives over a single connection, because the 300 MB/s link will become a bottleneck."

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Thank you, but the link does not work...

What does this mean?

"If your SATA controller does not recognize PMs, it will run all attached hard drives as if they each were attached to a separate SATA port."

This is the concept of Port Multipliers, to have multiple hard drives all connected to one port...

Anyway, this is the official website

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maybe I found something very interesting...

4x1 SATA/USB Hardware Port Multiplier System Version (AD4SR5HPMUS)

The description says it is OS independent and supports Hardware RAID; so when you attach it to your SATA port, your system will see it as a single hard drive...

Now I have to find if is there someone who sells it in Italy or at least somewhere closer than US

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I would be interested as well. Apparently the chipset apple uses is the nvidia MCP89. ata kernel wiki says that port multiplying should be supported, but I haven't found any user experience yet.

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