Intel Core i3 / i5, (15.6") LED - 16:9 HD - Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD, Intel HD 3000 / 4000, DDR3 SDRAM

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Sensitive usb sockets on right hand side

The usb sockets on the right side of my laptop don't work right. If I've something plugged in either usbs on the right side only they stop working/disconnect

If it's a mouse I hear the same sound as I'd hear if I were to unplug it. Then it will stop working. 2 seconds later if I stop touching it I'll hear the sound that happens when I connect it and it works again

I don't really wanna strip it down till I know more about it.

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Try to reinstall the USB drivers. Go into "Device manager", "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and uninstall all USB Hub drivers, Intel Chipset USB controllers and USB 3.0 controllers. Then restart the Windows.


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There may be problem with your USB driver. so you need to uninstall the USB driver from your computer and then reinstall it .

If it is still not working then you need to clean your USB port then it will start working fine.

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I had this problem after I accidentally knocked the port whilst it had a USB plug in it. I think it's mechanical damage to the solder joints or socket PCB. Bad news, you'll have to pop that board out and resolder them or replace it.

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