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The Canon Pixma iP3600 is a compact inkjet photo printer that weighs 12.3lbs and is 17.0”(W) x 11.7”(D) x 6.0” (H). This wired printer was released as part of Canon's Pixma series in 2008.

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Why won't my printer turn on?

My printer is plugged in, but there is no light showing it is on.

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cannon ip2770 purchased and used for personnel use print out taken very few now the printer is not power on technical people verified the printer their is a board problem and I asked the person replace it and he said the ink cadrige to be changed and finally better not to repair the printer ?

i have a Canon printer MG 3650. when i just sterted it i made 2x a4 print and scaned documents about 10 times connected to PC by WiFi. 3 days later i see that power light on printer dont light. tried to check Power cable and use other and checked its pluged connection. even i unplugged AC adapter trying to check if it smells like burnt. nothing. new fresh canon printer is dead Why tell me please

I have this problem with my Pixma 6270. The cause is a poor electrical connection that is very difficult to obtain a firm connection. It appears either the plug at the end of the cable or the connecting pins at the back of the printer are cheaply made and totally unreliable. When I can get the connection to work the printer produces excellent results. Canon should be ashamed to ruin an otherwise great printer with poor quality small items such as these.

I got a brand new canon pixma TS3140 but when i set up.. the stast or power button are not working or even give some light to i know if its working or not.. please help me.. what can i do.. thanks

I have a canon mg3022 printer. the power light flashes intermittently also the alarm button flashes

. how can I fix this?

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This issue may be due to any of the following:

1. The power cord is not connected to outlet

Solution: Before attempting to fix the power button, make sure the cord is plugged into a working outlet

2. The power is not on

Solution: Turn on the power by pressing the large square button on front right side of printer.

3. Your printer has a faulty power connection

Solution: Reconnect to power supply. Try unplugging the power cord, pausing for 15 seconds before reconnecting to wall.

4. Your printer is connected to a bad wall outlet

Solution: Utilize a different wall outlet.

Please refer to this device's troubleshooting page for more information.

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solution 1, it is connected -_-

solution 2, been pressing that for ages

solution 3, it is impossible for that to happen since the cord is new and has no cracks in it or signs of wear and tear

solution, I am using 1 wall outlet for my PC and printer so if my wall outlet is broken m pc should not also be working

I have done all of this and nothing

this is so intuitive, unfortunately, the cause is far more complicated. The most irritative is how this all happened, the printer was on, suddenly we get an error message to contact the service, then the printer just drops dead.

So... Does that mean that it's just out of ink? Because I have already done all of those solutions but didn't work

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You can reset your printer by following this:

1) Turn the printer off

2) Press and hold the STOP button for 3 seconds.

3) Then press the ON button and release the STOP button.

4) While holding the ON button, press the STOP button 5 times.

5) Release all buttons.

6) LCD Screen should turn on and be blank. After a minute or better turn the printer off once more.

This should be the reset.

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Camillestack thank you! ?? It actually worked!

Printer. Keeps coming on and off. Nothing on the screen but Canon, then turns off blank screen, then turns back on makes all its noise”s then shuts off again, this continues till I pull the plug. None of the buttons will work, cannot force it to shutdown, except by unplugging. I sure hope someone can help me! Thanks.

it worked thank you

@Julie Depew, I'm experiencing the very same problem as you are. Hopefully somebody on the forum will be able to advise

I've got a similar situation and I did try the above solution. It did seem to awaken something, as the printer made other noises, the power light stayed on and the screen was showing the menu. However the menu didn't respond when I touched it, then when I pressed the home button, it powered off. Now I'm back to square one where I press the power button and the canon name come on (accompanied by some internal noises) then disappears (powers off) I'm on the complete verge of giving up, unless another solution presents itself!

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Faced similar situation... It was working an hour ago and stopped turning on all of sudden... Checked power cable... Tested the cable by putting it in my cam charger... It was fine... Shaked power point as sometime it's due to loose connection... Still no fix... Finally shakes the cartidge box gently... Cleaned the printer.... Connected power cable again and this time it does turn on... What a relief.... Try it... If it works for you as well... Good Luck

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Oldschool! My pixma turned off during data transfer. It didn't want to come back. I shook it (a bit more than gently) and it worked again.

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If you'r printer isn't turn on then you can check first you wire is properly connected or not then Reconnect to power supply. Try unplugging the power wire, pausing for 15 seconds before reconnecting to wall.

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I didn't have much hope with this suggestion, but it worked! On power on it said "The printer was not shut down properly. Please use power button to shut off."

Omg, this is actually work, even i didn't have much hope like rosa LOL but thanks for your suggestion

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Dear Friends Its Very Easy To Fix This Problems With Normal Steps -

  • Restart Printer Using The Power Key
  • Reset Your Printer And check the Printer Power Supply

Gud Luck

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These answers are supposed to help those whose printers won't turn on. Thus, your advice of 'restart printer using the power key' is not helpful at because we CAN'T TURN ON OUR PRINTERS! Also, for those of us who are not tech savvy, it would help if you described how to find the printer power supply.

@cbdemartini i Find this Useful Because When You Press the Power Key Longer Than 10 Seconds That Helps You to Perform a force Restart of system in My Understanding . However i have given a link to Some webpage i see fit to fix the issue . Try and see if that works for You

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Strangely enough 2 years after mine spontaneously stopped working it spontaneously started working again. There is no reasonable explanation for it. Once I was able to turn it on most of the catridges were dry. It may be a built in “punishment” Canon has put in their printers to deter you from holding the paper feed button enough times to default to printing in only black and white. Nonetheless I am over Canon products. Will never buy another again. Completely fed up. The ink cartridges are so insanely expensive and I perhaps get only 10 photos out of them. It may be more economical to return to a fuji film developed film camera than these ridiculous digital camera photos which can only be shared on computers. I’m sorry to say there was no solution to this and I am quite tech savvy. I’ve soldered power jacks on mother boards, upgraded processors in laptops and replaced screens in laptops. I can completely dismantle a laptop and have every screw and part diagrammed, clean it (dust etc), reapply heatsink to the processor and reassemble it in perfect working condition in less than 2 hours and have it benchmarking higher than the standard rating. There is absolutely no reason for Canon to have this push button nonsense vs a standard on off toggle switch like devices had 20 years ago.

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