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A Sprint carrier phone with a smartphone-like interface. Model number: H86XAH6JR7AN

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Why won't my phone charge?

No matter how long I leave my phone plugged in it will not charge.

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After some research, I believe I have found the answer to my question. The Motorola i886 Troubleshooting Page suggests that I could have the wrong charger, or it could be broken. It also suggest that the battery may not be corrected properly and if it is, that the battery could just be bad. If that is the case then the Motorola i886 Motorola i886 Battery Replacement guide should be followed to change batteries.

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Kudos on doing your research. You are correct; the issue can be coming from your charging block or your battery. Another component that could cause this issue is the charge port on the phone itself.

If you are getting feedback that the phone IS charging when you plug it in (a lighting bolt on the battery or the battery animating getting filled up, or a beep or chime when you plug in the charger) then your charge port should be good.

Start with getting a new battery. (Make sure the battery is pushing 1380mAh) Then a new wall charger. Try to find a charger that has the correct voltage and amperage for your phone. If the issue persist you may have to replace the charge port on your phone.

Hope this helps. Your on the right track.

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