How ro reverse motor direction?

I was given a used once bread machine, a Black and decker B2200, I did try it out and so for it works fine, only one flaw, the mixing container which twist and locks into the mixing coupler comes unlocked while mixing, the mixing paddle counter rotates(anti-clockwise) and unlocks the mixing container, I figured if I changed the direction of the mixing paddle it would not unlock, the color code of the wires going into the motor is black, white and red.

Does anyone know the color code ( i think black is ground) of the wiring? I know from the past most electric motors will counter rotate if missed wired.

Any input would be great, if this machine dies, its ok, just salvage it.


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Reverse the white and red. If you have a multimeter, I would test all the wires to make sure.

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Thanks for the info, I did switch the red and white wire. It changed the rotation from counter clock wise to clock wise, will make a loaf of bread and tell you the outcome, it looks like this was a bad build for this bread maker, the angle of the paddle indicates a right turn, guess quality control was asleep.


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I didn't get my loaf yet ;-)

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