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How to clean Greasy spots on the display


How to clean Greasy spots on the display, water do not work LCD cleaner do not work,

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it happened from finger greasy touches on keyboard then when close the display Greasy spots transfer from keyboard to display.

any idea


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Firstly, clean room wiper and Windex. Buy a pack of clean room wipes on eBay for ten or fifteen bucks, they will last a very long time. Very tiny bit of Windex, and apply to the wipe - NOT THE SCREEN!

Secondly, and this will get thumbed down but it needs to be mentioned; please don't be nasty. This is a two thousand dollar computer. So many people leave grease on their hands from eating, or don't wash their hands, and touch the computer. If you're eating with your left hand, limit touching the computer to your right hand, or vice versa. Wash your hands before and after a meal, and before/after using your computer. If you feel like your hands are sweaty or greasy from work, touching outside objects, or food, wash them before touching your computer. I am a complete mess as a human being, but my four year old laptop has no grease or dirt on it - a testament to how this basic system can keep clean even the worst of pigs.

This should be done out of respect for the computer. Maybe you hate your computer - if this is the case, then just do it out of a desire to not be nasty. This should be a strong internal desire for everyone. This is all basic hygiene. Here are some pictures of things we see every day. There is no reason with the proliferation of indoor plumbing and handsoaps for people to have devices that are dark brown with dirt or have bugs crawling out of them. :(




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Even after washing, the body puts out oils of it's own. It is best to use non-powdered surgical gloves when working inside a LCD screen. The powdered ones can create more of a problem. Also you will want a small "natural" paint brush and canned air to remove any dust particles that will enter the enclosure while it is open.

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I dis agree about using Windex as it contains ammonia. Use a non-ammonia window cleaning product.

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I followed the instructions given here - but used Sprayway Glass Cleaner as suggested. It Worked!! Also cleaned the keyboard. Great answer.

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Use a mild degreasing liquid dish soap (I like Dawn for this). PUT NO LIQUID DIRECTLY ON THE DEVICE.

  1. Open the display 90º and rest the display flat on a table (you may want a soft cloth between the back of the case and the table).
  2. Dampen a cotton cloth (Moist but not dripping!).
  3. Put a dab of detergent on it.
  4. Work around the grease spots.
  5. With a clean damp cloth wipe off the detergent
  6. (May have to do this step a few times)
  7. WIth a dry cotton cloth polish the screen.

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Usually a clean and dry microfiber towel does the trick for me.

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