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다섯 번째 Google Nexus 휴대폰. 2013년 10월 31일에 공식 발표되었으며 4.95” 1080p 스크린, 2.26GHz Snapdragon 프로세서 및 LTE 지원을 자랑합니다. Android 4.4.2, KITKAT. 제조사는 LG.

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No service after fixed broken screen

I replaced the lcd assembly on my nexus 5 after dropping it and smashing the glass. The screen works great but I now have no service or 3g. wifi works fine btw.

I've tried opening it again but I cant see any missed connectors.

I'm pretty sure the white and black cables are for BT/WIFI, so where abouts is the antenna? or where else is the circuitry involved? or just any advice?


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ive also checked the spring contacts at the bottom are connected

and sim works in another phone

I got a problem with my Nexus 5 mobile that there is no service but the sim is detecting ( there is no signals for my device) how to get solved this problem???

Suryakiran i have the same problem..sim is detected bt no signal at all

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Hi! Here follows a post that I made at Reddit describing how to solve this if you already tried everything and none worked out to solve this problem.

It all begun when I, waiting for the Marshmallow update, decided to replace my battery so I could enjoy the full benefits of the new feature "Dose"

After the succeded battery replacement I noted something weird. My 3g and LTE signal were extremely bad, and they were oscillating too. Sometimes I got full bars, sometimes two and sometimes just the empty triangle. Even when I got full bars I couldn't navigate or send something in Whatsapp.

I totally freaked out with this problem since in my country, Brazil, smartphones are a extremely expensive stuff, and I was saving my money to buy the Nexus 5X which was not released here yet.

I tried each and every fix I could find across the web, reverted to KitKat, pressed the backcover, flashed numerous radio images, checked the coaxial cables, tried new simcard and none of those worked out.

After all this I was convinced that It only could be a Hardware issue. I noticed that our Nexus 5 has a auxiliary PCB and this PCB houses one of the coaxial connections of each antenna cables. I was convinced this PCB could really be the reason of the signal problem.

I called a friend who has another Nexus 5 which he even use anymore due a cracked screen and decided to do some transplant.

After the succeed transplant, voilá! I now got full bars of reception in 3g and LTE.

I really think that those coaxial connections at this PCB were faulty even they didn't show any signs of it

I strongly recomend to anyone who is almost giving their hopes up to try this! This PCB is very a cheap part.

Sorry for my english, as you had read, its not my native haha!

Please let me know if this worked out for you too!

Here follows a image of this PCB part: https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/ig...

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Hey guys, hopefully I'm not too late and this can help many others. I had the exact same problem. Replaced my screen and then had problems with No signal, stuck in roaming, emergency calls only.. What I did was with the phone still turned on I took the back cover off (pulls off a lot easier from the headphone jack). With the cover off looking at it from the back, there are 2 terminals on the top right (to the right side of the camera) you must take a screwdriver or any conductive metal and touch the 2 terminals together for about 10 secs (you will see the signal strength come back on the notification bar. That will act as an antenna and jump start the reception. Test it out for a minute or so and if all is good, put the back cover back on and you're all set. Hope this helps and works for the rest of you, worked for me!

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Created an account here just to say thanks to Sid. This totally worked!

HI sid, my name is lavesh i am going through the exact same problem, i need to knw where exactly are these 2 terminals. can you please send a picture or something. my id is lgoyaljlt@gmail.com

Hi Lavesh,

Did you tried the instruction given by Sid ? got success?

if so please let me know where are these 2 terminals?

Since yesterday suddenly my nexus 5 is having signal issue.

It's detecting the sim but no service.

I went to LG service center they asked me to replace motherboard instead of PCB cable or any individual part and the cost of replacing the motherboard is 12k which is very expensive :(

Its 2 yr old but still its the ebst and I love my beast Nexus :)

my ID rahul.gangwar8@gmail.com

I would really appreciate of you can update me.

I cant find the terminal

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So Check it out guys my girl brought home a Neuxs 5, and well guess what the problem was... you're right 'No Service' with a SIM in the tray. So I went out and did almost everything possible people had been recommending left and right on different forums, blogs, YouTube vids, etc... you name it. Nothing worked (rarely after doing certain things it would connect but the connection would never stay on the network), untill finally 5-6hrs later I came along some post suggesting hey and if your flashing your radio file be sure to give KRT01B a try, seeing how the poster thought it was a very stable release. So after trying everything I was like !&&* why not, I had even checked the Canadian blacklist at this point and the phone was clean, so I figured !&&* lets try to flash this old ass radio file..... Holy $@$*... The Nexus 5 Connected And Was Holding The Connection, Finally I Can Get Some Sleep.

http://downloads.codefi.re/autoprime/LG/... -> Link To Nexus 5 Radio Files

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How do I know which radio file is the right one for my device? there a long list of .img files. THX.

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You might want to try reinstalling the original firmware, and radio.



Worth a shot, there has been many software problems. Might as well try before you toss it. Good luck!

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Visit this link and follow steps

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Look guys in my case it was the antennas once back was off the right side antenna looked connected but was not have to take plastic cover off clean and reconnect snugly it kind of snaps back on.

Problems solved

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Hi Chris, are you able to give a bit more detail on what the:

- 'right side antenna' is this one of the two terminals at the top right above the SIM?

- 'plastic cover' - is this the midframe as described in step 5 here Nexus 5X Teardown?

- 'it kinda snaps back on' is this the antenna or the case?


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i need the wire jumping connection

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