HDMI out put quit working

HDMI port was working fine until 2/9/15, noticed 'gatekeeper' was updated that day, that night we plugged it in and 'no signal' on TV. Contacted Apple Community, varies answers for non working HDMI reset PRAM and NRAM, tried but nothing on this generic apple 'windows' keyboard is working. Tried different cord, didn't help. Was able to connect with the 'thunderbolt' USB cord and audio speakers. Looked with mag glass and flashlight this am and found a small shiny prong out of alignment. We are very fixit peeps, can I purchase a new HDMI output anywhere? Or would there be another idea you can give me. Live 125 miles (one way) to nearest Apple store and their genius's, can this prong be put back in place or will it need replacement? Otherwise...love my mac mini, no problems till now and we are very careful during transferring. Thanks, Cyndi

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