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A Windows 8 laptop series by Acer with Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU.

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Screen Wont Turn on help please

When i turn on my laptop the light of the keypad turns on but my screen is all black? Need help please.

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I have the same problem now. I know it's alive but no screen. I have my QuickBooks running and hate to force it turn off.

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My screen won't turn on , but lights on the keypads work?

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The light on the on/off button turns on for a bit but the screen and the rest of the camera don't react at all when I try to turn it on? Surely if the batteries were dead the light on the button wouldn't turn on?

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Is Completely Black , Looks Like Internal Screen Damage

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Dear All,

* Press Fn+F5 or Fn+F6 simultaneously while notebook is turn on

* if display switching not works just connect your laptop to external display and re-start (press and hold the power key until power LED goes off. after couple of seconds press power key again) and check any visuals on external display

* if you can see any visuals on External display, you should check the internal display and Flex cable and connector as well

  • Open the cover of RAM slots and remove RAMs safely, clean the RAM interfaces, reinstall RANs safely and try to boot normally

* onc of above step not works for you, its time for advanced level repair to check the GPU output and and CPU clocks and Bus (Board level repair)

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Hi friend,

Kindly reset ur bios..otherwise properly fix RAM.


Step1: turnoff ur laptop

Step2:remove ur battery

Step3:hold on power button 30sec

Step4:after directly connect the charger trun on ur laptop its working .after connect battery.


First u identify ur RAM part of the ur laptop.

Just remove ur ram and clean tha pins smoothly.

After re insert the RAM check it ..working or not.

If u any doubt text me my number:+919524629460 whatsapp

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