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I need to replace my DC-in board, but...

PowerBook G4 15.2" 1.67 GHz-128 2GB 100GB SD AEX

I'm pretty sure I need to replace my DC-in board or rather DC&Sound Card, but it seems like there are two different sets of instructions for the removal/installation of the part. One looking way more complicated than the other...which do I use? Or will either one work? My sticker reads PBG4 15.2"/1.67 GHz-128/2GB/100GB/SD/AEX and my model is A1106, but both instructions say they are for the 15" PowerBook G4 with 1.67 processor...

One is here:

The other is here:

Which one is right? I want to know what I'm getting into before I open my baby up or maybe pay a "professional" to do it.

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Go with the first one, the 651. The other is more of a complete tear down and gets into the right side and logic board which you don't need to do to replace the DC-IN port. Just take it slow and follow the steps. This is a do-able repair even for a beginner. I separate the screws into three groups when doing it. The bottom group, the external case group and the internal. Happy operating!

Oh, you might need this: G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz DC & Sound Card

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So this part even though my model is A1106? I didn't know if the different directions are based on the models or if the 651 instructions will work for any PBG4 1.67 GHz. I think I ordered part IF154-073-1 based on my model#.

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