A Wi-Fi and NFC capable CMOS camera first released in March 2013. Identified by model number EV-NX300ZBQUUS.

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Why does the camera flash green but not urn on?

Battery installed. SD Card in and out.

Regardless of charger being plugged in or not plugged in, camera will not turn on but will flash green at the battery light.

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Hi, Aaron.

First try to connect your camera to a PC and see if it is recognized by the PC; and if the camera shows any reaction. Based on your description, it appears not to be a power or battery issue. However, Samsung has identified multiple software glitches since release that, depending on how they manifest, may render the camera inoperable.

If the camera makes a connection with your PC, please visit Samsung's support page and update it with the latest software; this often restores the device. However, it the PC is does not connect with the camera, I would suggest to either contact Samsung support or, potentially, replace the damaged(?) motherboard on your device.

Hope everything goes well.

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how the !&&* can you change the motherboard ..brought from pc world you go in there and ask What der ???

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