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Apple iPhone 5s는 2013년 9월 10일에 발표되었습니다. 수리는 이전 모델과 유사하며 스크류 드라이버 및 비집는 도구가 필요합니다. GSM 또는 CDMA / 16, 32, 또는 64GB / 은색, 금색 및 스페이스 그레이.

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iPhone 5s Waterdamage brightness problems

So I got a call from a customer telling me they dropped their iPhone 5S in the toilet a little while ago. The phone is still working fine but the birghtness won't go up anymore. Inspecting the phone ofcourse I find some water damage. A new screen won't fix the issue either. Is there maybe a way to fix the phone so its brightness will go back to normal again? (Oh and sorry for the bad photos)

Hopefully this is still fixable.

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When a phone is water damaged the following steps should always be taken:

1.) Turn off the phone.

2.) Take out battery asap.

3.) Clean the entire phone/motherboard with 98%+ Isopropyl alcohol

4.) Evaulate what is functioning/not functioning and act accordingly.

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It does not matter that the phone becomes even more wet? And is it better to take the whole motherboard out of the case or will the top be fine as well?

I read something about using a soft toothbrush on the motherboard with the alcohol?

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