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How to clean sticky keyboard?

The keyboard now types 2 of every key touched, perhaps needs cleaning, does anyone know how to "clean" the keys on this laptop please?

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This link might help. Scroll down to where it says "The three d's". The article was for repairing water damage and that area was for getting sticky residue off the computer if someone spilled sugary drinks, but it should help with cleaning stickyness. Just please do me a favor and make sure the keys are removable and can be put back easily on before you rip apart your keyboard. Good luck with that!

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Thanks, Neon Toaster! I appreciate your answer and actually enjoyed reading the article as I learned a few more things I did not know. It seems that not only was the liquid sweetened with sugar (iced tea!) but the liquid did damage the keyboard circuitry on the motherboard, not just the key mechanisms! Oh dear me. But thanks again - I am glad you wanted to help - it means a lot. :-) If I can ever help in any way, please don't hesitate. Have a great day!

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