Released in January of 2013 the Canon Powershot, model number A2500, is a 16 Megapixel digital camera. This camera can be used to take images or low quality videos.

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Flash is not going off.

My flash is not going off and I do not know why. I am trying to take a picture in a dark space.

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Hello Victoria,

There could be a number of problems that are causing the flash on your camera to not function properly. The flash in your camera may have been set to off or the auto flash may not think the surroundings are dark enough to require a flash. Make sure the flash is turned on in your setting options and check if the flash still does not work.

Check the battery life of the camera because if the battery is close to dying then the camera disables the flash feature. If the flash is turned on and the battery is charged and the flash still isnt working the bulb may be burnt out. If that is the case then i recommend you check out this troubleshooting guide which has a section dedicated to fixing the flash on your Canon PowerShot A2500 camera. and links to replace the bulb.

Hope this answer helped and good luck


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