The Kyocera Event is and Android based phone for Virgin Mobile. Released February 2013.

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Why wont my Kyocera Event delete photos?

My phone wont delete pictures, and every time I delete a picture it comes back.

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Open the gallery, then view a picture. While the picture is displayed, hit the menu key and choose delete.

If your phone has been synced with your google account, the picture will return regardless of how much you try and delete it.

To fix this, go to Settings, then Accounts & Sync and click the Google Account and uncheck the google photos option. This should allow you to delete photos without them coming back, however, your photos will no longer be backed up on the cloud afterwards.

You may need to turn off your phone and it also may take the gallery some time to refresh, but you should notice that the photos have been permanently deleted

One other option is to remove the folder from the Gallery, and go to Settings, then the Application Manager. Next click the tab labeled ‘All’, find the gallery on that list and hit Clear Data. It may pop up a window saying it will delete everything, it shouldn't actually delete your regular photos though. If the photo is still coming back, you may need to go to a bit extensive lengths to delete the photos:

After clicking system settings, storage, photos, choose an album to delete images from. Go back and click manage apps, click the camera, then click Clear data, Delete app data, and ok.

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