Released December 2005, digital audio player of 60 GB capacity, built-in recordable FM radio tuner.

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Recover the contents of the Hard Drive


I have changed the Battery on the Creative Zen Vision M 30GB.

Since Creative no longer supports the device, I have purchased a Chinese production Battery, the Battery functioned correctly, but cannot be CHARGED using the Creative wall charger.

Therefore the Creative device can no longer be used.

Since I have about 3000+ tracks on the HD that I wish to recover and load onto my IPOD Classic.

Do you have an idea how I can recover the contents of the HD?

If yes I will be grateful


Jorn Andersen

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I know this may be late, but you can take out your HDD and simply out it into another Creative Zen Vision M .

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It sounds like you might have to purchase another kind of battery that worked earlier. Use that (limited) charge and the cord that connects the CZV to your computer to restore your media.

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