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Distributed by Verizon, the Ellipsis 7 is an Android 4.4 KitKat tablet that features a 7" display and a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor. Can also be identified with the model number QMV78.

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There is Chinese and Japanese on my screen

There is either Chinese or Japanese characters displayed on my screen and my tablet won't turn off or on.

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I had this issue-took it to verizon-they kept pushing the buttons-now it is locked up-any suggestions? They said to let the battery die and then plug it in-should solve the problem.

Mine froze up with japanese writing and no buttons at all would work. I let it run all the way down, charged it over night and everything came back like brand new. I would like to thank everyone here for sharing.

Pop the back cover off and disconnect the battery cable. Wait 10 seconds... Plug the cable back in. Restart and there ya go.

^^^ worked for me

In my case, the chinese characters appear on my start screen, not the problem mentioned above that laptop won't turn off, this works fine. How do I get rid of the characters?

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here is what you need to do in the case of this. use the volume down button to scroll to the bottom and last option on the screen. press the volume up button to select and it will start your device normaly

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Thank you micharyans it worked

Thank you. I appreciate the help. This worked perfectly

I had this problem and this worked to correct it. Thanks!

It worked for me today. Thank you!

This worked! Thought I was going to have to use Google Translate lol

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Here's a pic of the menu with translation. Use volume down to scroll through the menus and volume up to select the one you want. To do a factory restore on a device, choose the wipe eMMC menu. Hope this helps.

Block Image

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thanks for the translation! solves 1/3 of my problem.

im stuck in a reboot loop. %#*@ thing gets halfway through the Verizon splashscreen then reboots, sometimes sooner but never later.


tried everything i can think of. i cant even get it to be detected in any way, shape, form or mode on any computer to be able to try diagnosing it there.

a customer of mine, who is notoriously unable to use any companys customer support beyond the initial "para espanol oprima numero dos" prompt before becoming irate (no, really I'd call them a moron, but they bring me a whole lot of business so i keep my mouth shut) , brought it to me with the boot loop issue.

they have since replaced it and it has become another random piece of e-waste in my pile. Im not sure about what contract/agreement they had with verizon on it, and im not them so i cant even call verizon to try to fix it.

Ive tried everything i can possibly think of and nothing works or even remotely improves the situation.

Any thoughts?

Don't bother calling Verizon either local or their TN support center, because they're clueless. If the warranty period runs out before the problem is fixed, that's when they check out totally. You are stuck with it!

I also appreciate the translation of the Chinese menu. My problem isn't yet fixed, but when the Chinese menu does appear, I will know what I am clicking on.

There is documation for a Pwr.+ Vol.Up routine that's supposed to do a reset, but doesn't and I discovered a similar undocumented routine, Pwr.+ Vol.Dwn, that brings up a tiny menu on the left side with 3 options. One them is to be selected using Vol.Up and activated using Vol.Dn. Interesting, but useless as it doesn't work.

Well, I am now back to the Android boot screen. If I can bring up the Chinese again, I'll try go for a restore using the "wipe eMMC" option.

My thanks to all here who have tried to help!

Thank you so much for the help. I thought I was going to have to buy a new one. It is working now . And Verizon wouldn't help me at all.

you said that remove from the battery cable. but my phone is battery nonremovable and i got stuck in chinese writings, should i let the battery die?

I tried the manual test by mistake what do I do now?

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One other piece of advice:

top of tablet wher you have the power key, to the right is an open slot in

frame to insert a Sim card, you can separate the bottom case from top there by

pushing both apart, in once you expose the battery you can unplug it for a

minute and re plug it close it up should fix it, if not a replacement

tablet can be ordered via ewa.verizon.com.

For me the following worked, which is what people already said above:

1) Simultaneously press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

2) Use the volume down button to go down to highlight the last line which is believed to be a reboot. The 9th line of asian characters.

3) Press the center of the volume button, to select that last line. Once doing this the tablet started to reboot.

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小按键 4R 4


6马达 6


Xìnzhōng xìtǒng xìn zhōngxìn guǐ xì


3 shǎn dēng shǎn dēng 3

xiǎo ànjiàn 4R 4

zhuāng zhú zài diǎn ànjiàn shǒu qù àn” shì

6 mǎdá 6

cáng qǐng xiàng qīng ràng huà shǒubō háohuá

Show more

Faithful Faith System


3 flashing lights 3 flashing lights 3

Small button 4R 4

Build and then press the button hand to press "type

6 Motor 6

Hide to Qingqing, premiere luxurious

Send feedback




Read a sign in another language, instantly.


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THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU IM SCREAMING i needed to reset the tablet my fiance's parents gave him because they didn't remember the password, and i was clueless at the EMCC selection, THE CENTER!! HOW GENIUS @barbara ocone

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Hi Kellie,

First, try a soft reset. If that doesn't work, let me know.

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I am not familiar with a "soft reset"...How do I do that?

This just happened to my tablet as well; I tried a soft reset and a system reset but it is not responsive. Any suggestions?

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I had taken my phone to out local Verizon store and they couldn't figure anything out so they told me to let the battery die and it would reset itself. It did and everything was the way it was before it locked up.

Hope this helps.

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Please help me

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My screen is all covered in Chinese or Japanese writing. I can’t turn it off or do anything. When I powered it on, it just did this. Not sure if it can be fixed. Is there a way to fix it? It’s an onn Android tablet.

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I got tired of waiting for my tablet to die since it started at 100% battery life. I downloaded Google Translate onto my phone and used the camera option to translate the Chinese (yes, it's Chinese) to English so I could read the menu. The bottom option of the main menu said "reset smart phone". I used the volume button to scroll to that option and the power button to select it. My tablet immediately reset and went back to normal.

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I do not have the options to scroll through .... suggestions?

The screen has 5 Chinese characters the eMMC data with another Chinese symbol after that.

I brought a tablet phone and it's not working it keeps on saying emergency calls I can't even download Google play can someone help me please

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the problem is the volume up is like the volume down, the volume up also scrolls up the menu and didn't select like you guys said.. any help?

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You press the power button to select after scrolling with the volume button. JUst worked a dream for me!


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i thought i must be turning japanese’’i really thought so..not sure how your fix it works but it does..and ty very much…cherry..:)

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I'm SO ELATED to hear that it's a simple fix ! . . .

Now I just need to find my Tablet in order to FINALLY be able to get it back up and running ! !

I've been recently burglarized though and hit extremely hard !

Pretty much wiped me out !#/%* so PRAYING I actually still have it !

Anybody know if it's possible to use the find feature, or if Verdon itself has ability to track it down ?

》 》 》 Getting ahead of myself . .

Appreciate ya'ls forums & willingness to help eachother!

Hope ya'ls Thanksgiving was a very Blessed one !

I look forward to any & all 411 ya'l could spread my way #

Much Thanx!

Omg ! I forgot the question I originally intended to ask...

Does anybody know what makes the tablets go into the Asian freeze up mode in first place ? ?

Please explain what's meant & steps needed by soft & hard reboot, or whatever u called it.

Much Appreciated !

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my tablet kept restarting and restarting, then the chinese thing appeared on my screen but it suddenly went out and now my tablet is restarting again and again, any help?

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My problem is on my start up screen and appears to have different characters. And ideas?

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My wife has bought 4 or 5 of those. Cheap lazer android tablets from target and over the couple yrs she's bought them they have all died and wouldn't charge or turn on all of them lastest almost 10 then dead, not 1 or 2 but all, so my question is , Is it a fuse or battery or some little thing with a capped life span, and I understand objects that cheap are the part with a short life span, but is there something I can do to bring them back to life for her, cheers guys steven

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Does it mean I was hacked?

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Oi this happened on my Pecsu MP3 P5s and i selected a random one and it yelled at me. (i had done it in the first place bc i looked meself out on day 2 of owning it with a pattern password, and the needle-in-the-reset-jack haddent worked)

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My screen had Chinese or Japanese writing also, called Verizon. Said they would factory reset, but lose pictures and down loads. I told them no. They said they would try another way. Well finally I saw my home screen, so I thought it was fixed. They lost all my apps on my tablet, and pictures on my computer as well. Some tech support. I had someone get me back to Wi-Fi, through my password. But I have the internet, and Chrome, and that's it. I don't want to lose my pictures an videos of my cat, who had passed 4 years ago. I had several people try, and Verizon store is there to sell Verizon products. I had people said they would call me back, that they would investigate this problem, no return calls.

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