Teddy Ruxpin is a children's toy talking bear. The bear would move his mouth and eyes while 'reading' stories which were played on an audio tape cassette deck built into his back.

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My teddy ruxpin wont turn on

I got my teddy ruxpin in the mail on monday a couple of weeks ago in may 2015 and the first time we turned it on it did not do anything then I started to cry. we finaly got him to work but we did have trouble getting him to work. he is a second generation with plastic tape player. he is fully functional. his eyes and mouth move and he sounds a bit muffled even through his tape deck has been cleaned. when he did not work when we first tested it I thought his batteries were dead but they were not. the batteries are brand new. he has been restored and he was supposed to work like a new teddy out of the box. while he was running when we got him to work I tipped him over to see what happened and what he did was he stopped completely. he did not do anything or make a sound. I tipped him back over and he started to work again. when I close the tape deck door you are supposed to hear a loud click. that means the tape is in. but when I did close it I did not hear a click. we do not need to open him up. I did not want to make (chosen one) my grandpa to fix it cause I was afraid he was going to break it like he did with my old fisher price cassette player. what my cassette player does is the drive belt spins and no sound comes out. please help! scince he still works kinda a little bit I will get a grubby and loads of tapes for them please help! bye!

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me too he don't do anything at all

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oh, its me again, carnival lover, exept with a new account. I no longer have this teddy anymore. he is in pieces and I am using him for parts. now I got some new ones that work! yay!

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My son's teddy ruxpin won't turn on. Back in the day my husband tried to resodder a wire but it didn't work. Can you fix it and how much do you charge?

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Please send the answer to trmc1958@gmail.com

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mine doesnt have a power button he has a sliding or turning wheel at top of his assembly in the back which is also a volume control so what could it be now

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I reccomend replacing the power button. If he sounds muffled... It very well could be the speaker. How muffled does he even sound?... If it's the tape player... Plastic versions sound like trash, I'm not surprised.

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