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MacBook Pro Early 2011 Both USB Ports quit working

A few days after out of warranty both USB ports quit working.

Apple replaced the motherboard for a one time customer favor. The USB ports worked for a few days, then quit; they have not worked since.

I have tried clearing PRAM, SMC, reloading OS from scratch, cleaning the ports with Isopropyl alcohol with no luck.

I never received the over power notice and the only things that have been put in them are a mouse, usb hard drive for time machine, and thumb drives.

The only thing I have found are the fuses might be blown but a new mb is 1,000 plus.

Really do not use it and would like to sell it, but with the USB ports not working, I think that will prohibit it's selling.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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How long ago did Apple replace replace it? Tell us about this favor? Was it a Apple store, ASP or other? This just doesn't happen. Also please give us the last four figures of your serial number.

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When more than 1 USB port is not working, the issue may come either from the controllers that manage the USB's Power/Data lines or the MCP (The main chipset), or maybe both fuses are burnt (very unlikely). The best thing you could do is probably seeking for a free quote from a shop in your area. I would recommend taking it to a shop that you fully trust, because your board is definitely fixable at this point.

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