10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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My charger hole is broken how do get it fixed

When I try to charge it is not charging not because of the charger but what is inside of the whole were you put you're charger inside

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nup, tried that doesn't work. perhaps you can take it to the repairer

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the cable wont go inside

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Look inside and make sure there is no debris in the charging port. If there is use a can of compressed air to clean it out. Just be sure to use computer cleaning air so that it is free of any moisture. And keep your face clear, or better yet wear safety glasses!

If the port is damaged you can get a replacement.


Follow this guide up to step 4 and disconnect only the left cable in the picture that goes to your carging port.

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Had same problem after kids plugged and unplugged and yanked the cable. The port is very delicate and easy to replace. New ports are on eBay for about a fiver and dead simple to replace. Remove back and a couple of screws remove and replace cable job done.

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