Where to find JBL Flip replacement battery?

Thanks to the article posted here, I know how to get the battery out of the JBL Flip...but cannot find a replacement battery anywhere online. Anyone? Anyone?

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From the owner's manual, it is a Li-ion rechargeable 7.4V, 1000mAh, but I think those come in a myriad of configurations.


I've sent e-mails to JBL and they don't have the information. So I called them tonight and they said again they don't have it anywhere. They only have an internal part number which they don't stock for replacement, so they can't find out more about it. (They said they just replace the unit when they have a problem with it.)

The only choice left is to disassemble the unit and then bring the spent battery to a parts store. Hopefully, they would know what it is and have a replacement or know where to get it.

I hope we can find it

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