4 inch display / Available in a variety of colors / Released in 3 different models / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Problem with screen replacement image too high /\ components problem?

It's an A1509 ipod (16GB, no camera)

A picture is worth a thousand words so you'd understand the problem ... I haven't tried to restore or else by itunes because I can't unlock the device (because desactivated) to authorize/rely the ipod (I dunno how to say in english when it's the first time you connect device to a computer) and home button isn't working anymore ^^ thanks for help !

pic 1

pic 2

the touch screen seems to be ok because when i press in the right place of cancel button in the bottom it works ....

the vertical seems to be too high (well a zoom but only on the height ...)


Ok, my friend told me that it wasn't drop in water, but may be some mud on it, I've found a little dirt over some components, I've "cleaned" with a needle ... and turn on again, not helped ... :P :( help please !


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Anyone for help ? ^^ if it's not working anymore without changing a component tell me so :P :)

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tap the screen three time with 4 fingers.

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Are you serious ? You well see that's not a zoom ! And it's with 3 fingers normally.

(And I've already tested this of course !)

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Please I need help for this !

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