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Water Damaged, Power Button Not Working Properly

So I gave my cousin an iPhone 5c after a friend gave it to me with a broken screen. After fixing the screen and giving her the phone, time passed on. On Sunday, my cousin was on a pier and she got hit by a wave. The iPhone was put in rice that day while being blown with compressed air (just the outside).

After leaving in rice for a few days (two days to be exact), I got ahold of the phone and took it apart to dry it out and use Isopropyl Alcohol. I cleaned it with that and put it all together and the phone works, mostly. I did notice that the inside of the phone was mostly dry and only the top water damage sensor on the logic board was red and the one lower down was still white.

The power button currently is the only thing not functional at all and will randomly press itself. Currently, iFixit is out of stock on these cables so while I wait for stock to fill up, any suggestions on what to try? Already did AssistiveTouch for the meantime.

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When a phone is water damaged it is usually never a good idea to try to dry it, the reason for this is because while getting the water out of the phone you are leaving behind the worst part of the water (the minerals), which you defiantly do not want on the motherboard. sometimes the buttons of the phone may get water in them in the event of water damage, you would need to replace the power button you can just look up "iphone 5c power button" on amazon and should be able to get to you pretty quickly, make sure that you get the button with the metal connector on the back of it already because it is easier to replace. Hope this helps

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