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Dropped my phone and broke the digitizer, not LCD

PLEASE HELP! During a hard fall to the ground my digitizer cracked at the edge and spider webbed it's way throughout the entire thing, not harming the LCD display screen underneath it. I ordered a new digitizer but based off what I have been hearing it's quite difficult to separate the digitizer from the LCD this true? I just want my alphy walphy fixed :,( :, ( :'( :'(

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I wont say that it is difficult for everyone, but it is very difficult to remove digitizer from the LCD for me, and most of the time resulting in damage to the LCD, best option would be to just get a new "screen assembly" for this Galaxy and just remove your old one and replace it with a complete brand new one, like I usually tell my customers, the cheap route is not always the best route cause with electronics you get what you pay for

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