No sound from speaker & iPhone will not charge

I am attempting to utilize my iPhone 4 with my Bose SoundDock V2 speaker. When I dock it, no sound comes out of the speaker and it is not charging my phone. I can see the speaker has like an orange light on and my phone recognizes the speaker… (I can see it under the options of where I want the sound to come out of). We had stopped using the speaker for this reason, but I really want to fix it.

I have attempted the following with out any success:

*Restarted iPhone

  • Restarted speaker, unplugged and removed the battery
  • Attempted docking it multiple times with 10 seconds waiting time in between
  • Removed and cleaned both phone and docking station to ensure a good connection free of dust

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! :) Thank you guys!


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