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Background and Identification

Bose SoundDock Portable v2 is a portable speaker released in 2008. With no major known failures or manufacturer recalls, the Portable v2 is noted to be a very reliable speaker.

The easiest way to identify if your this device is, in fact, a SoundDock Portable v2 is to look at two things:

1) The iPhone/iPod connection which will either be wide (30-pin) or small (lightning). This device has a 30-pin connection (used for an iPhone 4s or older).

2) The remote. Series 1 has a light gray remote with a different button layout whereas the Portable's is space gray.

Otherwise, if you look close at the front of your device and notice that the mesh covering on the front wraps around to part of the side, then there is an extremely high probability that your device is not the portable version and is instead one of the series models. The Portable v2 model has a rotating docking station. If you push on the edge of the docking port then it should rotate out. On the portable version you will have two volume buttons on the side for + and -. This device can run off of DC power from your home as well, so do not be alarmed and think this is not your model just because it has a power cord.

Please make sure to do a complete check of the items listed above before deciding this model is not yours.

If you are still confused on which model you have then please visit Bose SoundDock Features Comparison Chart to determine the device type.

Additional Information

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