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Why are my Polaroid photos not developing?

Hello, I just got a Polaroid Pro Cam for my 18th birthday, I really love it but I've been having problems with the print outs?! The picture itself only half develops and the colours don't come through! The colours are just cream and there is no image! I don't know if it is the camera or film or if it's anything I'm doing wrong, but If anyone could help I would really appreciate it :)

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It sounds to me like your blinds could be getting stuck when shutter is released. Because they're not opening all the way, only a portion of image gets exposed.

How old is the film you are shooting?

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impossible project film needs to be developed in the DARK (!) . Best is to catch them coming out of the camera into a box attached to the cam and not look at it before they are developed. Mine took 30 minutes (!) to be fully into it's "colour"... (ONLY after a year.. they only put a little sticker with this info on after I wasted two packages of pola's already... stupid !)

The "cream" you see sounds like developer which should go FULLY through both layers as to get the process working... if you see this irregular shape you might also need to clean your rollers...

Hold on to you empty pack since it has the battery in it and you can chack the shutter with this ! :)

Hope you find a way to get this working

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I bought the film from the impossible project recently :)

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